Sex and Relationships

So much of our happiness as human beings is dependent on our interaction with partners (or potential partners) it’s no wonder that this subject affects us greatly.

Do you long to reconnect with your partner physically and emotionally?

Has life simply taken over and sex has just been pushed to the bottom of your ‘to do’ list (no pun intended!) for so long you no longer have the confidence or the desire?

Do you already have a good sex life but want a truly sensational one?

Are you struggling to get over an infidelity, health condition other trauma that prevents you from enjoying a healthy sex life?

Many conditions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus and loss of libido can also be effectively treated with hypnotherapy.

Perhaps you have interests or addictions that you are having trouble coming to terms with or control? Believe me when I say NOTHING will shock me and I judge no one.

Is it time to end your relationship but you don’t know where to turn?

Or are you unable to move on after a relationship breakdown?

I work with men, women, transgender and couples from all backgrounds, cultures and ages. Your privacy will always be respected.

There’s nothing to lose by making a free enquiry. We are all unique and deserve the chance to experience love the way we want to. Let hypnotherapy help you find what you need to maintain happy, fulfilling personal relationships.

Weight loss and healthy lifestyle

I have over 10 years’ experience studying nutrition and exercise and how it effects (and is affected by) our psychological wellbeing and relationships.

Everyone’s food and fitness saboteurs are different, despite what the popular media and diet-food companies would have us believe.

Hypnotherapy has many applications in this area; from Gastric Band Hypnosis to breaking specific food habits, to improving body image and ‘will power’.

My approach uses a combination of these techniques I have learned together with my nutrition and exercise coaching experience and a little something extra!

First, under hypnosis we will uncover exactly what YOUR body and mind need to be healthy so it’s no longer a battle of wills and beating yourself up. Perhaps you have old wounds and even stored fat from the past that you’re ready to let go of. Maybe you’re missing something nutritionally, physically or emotionally?

Or maybe there’s nothing and it’s just a case of focusing your goals. I also work with those suffering from eating disorders and athletes looking to improve sports performance.