Just not feeling the joys of spring

The world is waking up from hibernation and while for many this is an exciting time of motivation for new beginnings, it can be a really tough time for those that just aren’t feeling it.

It’s acceptable to be grumpy and not take care of our bodies in winter. To spend our evenings watching TV and eating comfort food. Even for people who don’t feel the pain of Seasonal Affective Disorder can feel sorry for themselves as a result of post-Christmas austerity measures. There is a sort of collective drudgery in January and February that is an accepted norm.

Next weekend marks the start of Spring. Temperatures rise, the days get longer.  Projects and summer holidays are planned. The house gets an overhaul and we look forward to walks and days out with loved ones. Salads are all of a sudden back on the menu and sex drives get a real surge.

Many of my clients suffering with depression, sexual disorders and weight difficulties have told me how much harder it is when everyone else is cheering up.


I would like to thank the new clients below, who have been kind enough to give me permission to quote them in order to hopefully help other people realise they are not alone:

‘people keep telling me how nice it is outside. Talking about the fun stuff they’re getting up to and calling me a grumpy old man. It just makes it even more obvious that there’s something wrong with me and they’re right’

[depression & erectile dysfunction client, 51]

‘it’s already started. The magazines with skimpy summer clothes and the chats about holidays. It’s only going to get worse from now on. I brought leftover Birthday cake in and only 2 lads had a piece. Everyone else just looked at me with pity’

[weight loss client, 29]

‘we took the dog to the reservoir for a long walk on Sunday and it was really sunny. There were all these couples holding hands and girls out jogging and my husband just kept fawning at me and it was so uncomfortable we ended up having a massive row’

[one half of a relationship therapy couple, 33 & 37].

By 21st June these 3 clients that started this month will have a wonderful summer to look forward to. Living and loving. We all deserve that.