Not all hypnotherapy is created equal. As mentioned in the FAQ there are many different styles and approaches. Many people will be unaware that the industry is very badly regulated. Hypnotherapy is not regulated by the General Medical Council and there are a lot of governing bodies, institutes and societies all with varying standards that purport to verify the qualifications of people working in this field.

While some problems may seem very simple, the reasons behind them, or the way people react once they are faced with the potential of being free of their problems, can be quite complex. That’s why effective treatment requires more than just hypnosis, it’s a carefully constructed combination of hypnosis, psychotherapy, counselling and life coaching all in one.

It is our belief at JQ Therapy that everyone is an individual and their therapy should be. That is why we offer a lot more than just hypnosis. No two treatments and no two sessions are the same. We figure out exactly what makes you tick so that your solutions are there for you to adapt to use for the rest of your life in any situation you choose. Unlike the quick fix, generic script hypnotherapy that is so readily available, with us your problems don’t come back as soon as we stop telling you they’re gone! Our satisfaction is knowing our clients are living happy fulfilling lives after they leave us.