Make me not….

Something that attracts a lot of people to hypnotherapy is the idea of making thoughts, feelings and behaviours go away.

If hypnosis works to stop you smoking, then surely the same technique can be used to stop you eating, or cheating, or obsessing? Sometimes, yes. A lot of people make a lot of money out of this approach. It has it’s place. The techniques involve basically telling you that you don’t want to do something anymore, and giving you tricks to interrupt the habit. Sometimes this is enough. Unfortunately with many more complex issues, they are there because at some time they served a purpose, because there is something missing, or something wrong. If we keep ignoring it or providing false relief, our subconscious can engineer something 10 times stronger later on.

When we acknowledge and appreciate our feelings, we can experience true mastery, not just a temporary relief.

Once of the cornerstones of the Chinese Five Element Acupuncture theory is that our elemental weakness is also our strength. So for example a fire element may suffer terribly from a broken heart, but consequently can come out the other side with even better love to give. An earth element may struggle terribly with food addiction but once balanced, may find themselves running macrobiotic cookery classes! Resolving our worst bits can in fact bring out the best in us.

But….and here’s the tricky bit. There is a a fine line between embracing your negativity and using it to help you, and actually dwelling on it and believing it.

One of the books that first helped me on the start of my journey years ago to start facing my negative feelings, was The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

I have been an avid follower of the wonderful Geoff Thompson since I was introduced to him by the equally inspiring Jon Price from City Spring Acupuncture.

Great to see him applying his straight talking, practical explanations of the technique here. Give it a go.

The self improvement practice above takes time and a commitment to want to change and to listen.  Sometimes when we are at our worst is a great time to be forced to listen and act but other times it is just too hard, life may be getting in the way or we just don’t feel strong enough to avoid getting drawn in. So we may want to be more selective about the battles we fight with our inner negative feelings or habits. We may for example want to delay action until our health improves for example; or appreciate that it may be better to start with smaller problems; or we may be waiting until we have the finances to go and see a therapist. This is all OK and doesn’t have to mean burying them.

I love this simple technique from my yoga teacher Bret Larkin to let things be as they are, but not allow our minds to give them power.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

draw down

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