Successful people ask for expert help

We all know that successful people aren’t shy about asking for help. Fortune ‘How Asking for Help Actually Helps You.

They understand their own strengths and don’t waste time on things others can do for them better, faster and cheaper.

How many of us would cut our own hair, or ask a friend to check out a lump in our breast? Very few I’m sure!

Yet when it comes to malignancies in our thoughts, so many people try to figure it out on their own, or worse still ask friends and colleagues to dissect it for them!

The result is prolonged pain, confusion and a sense of failure.

This time of year most of our enquiries at JQ Therapy are from people who realise that their fad diet is making them miserable or their successful dry January only resulted in a catch-up February. They see themselves as having weak will power and seeking out expert advice as an admission of defeat.  Especially hypnotherapy, surely there’s nothing empowering about someone else telling you what to do?

Well that’s where we’re different. We don’t tell you what to do. There is no such thing as will power. It’s will coercion. And it’s our job, as experts of the workings of the human psyche to help you gain the insights you need, to give yourself whatever your mind is telling you it wants before it can make the changes you want.

That’s why we only work with an average of one in every three clients that come to see us. We don’t do Groupon deals and we don’t do quick fix gimmicks.

Investing in just a couple of months seeing a competent therapist, to set you up for life, works out cheaper, more efficient and so much more effective in the long run.

Don’t come and see us to get better. Come and see us to get EVEN better. Because successful people know that to ask for help doesn’t make them weak: it makes them wise!

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